Eyelash Extensions

Eyelashes extensions are semi permanent lash extensions, that get glued onto your natural lash using high quality professional products. They come in all different lengths, widths & curls meaning everyone can have a unique set of eyelashes which suit them personally. They can last anywhere between 1-5 weeks depending on everyones individual lash cycle & how well they are looked after. Lash extensions do not damage your natural lashes if applied correctly and with care. Here at Embella we pride ourselves on correct application & making sure you are 100% happy with your service.

Classic Lashes

Hybrid Lashes

Russian Volume Lashes

Full set $125 | Refills start from $50

Classic lashes, the most natural effortless lashes out of all the options. The ratio for classics are 1:1, meaning one artificial  lash to one natural lash. They come in different lengths, widths & curls to suit your individual natural lashes.

Full set $155 | Refills start from $75

Hybrid lashes, a mix of classic & volume lashes. Hybrids are great if you are wanting to transfer over to volume lashes without taking the big leap all at once. We ratio the classic to volume lashes to you & the look you are wanting to achieve. Hybrids would be the next step up after classics for a more thicker, denser look. 

Full set $170 | Refill starts from $85

Russian Volume lashes ratio are anywhere between 1:2 – 1:6 depending on what look you are after. Lashes used in volume sets are a lot lighter than the ones used for classics which is why we can add more than one to any natural lash. Russian Volume lashes are great if you’re after a more noticeable looking lash that will last longer. 

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